18 Jan

My first impression of the map

Valve just released Operation Wildfire, and with it comes a brand new version of the map Nuke. Once immensely popular, Nuke got removed from the competitive map pool due to balance issues. Csgo skins for sale A remake of the map has been requested by the community ever since and now we ve got one. Welcome to the Cedar Creek Nuclear Power Plant!

My first impression of the map is that it looks gorgeous. It’s very bright and colorful with amazing textures. The visibility is vastly improved compared to previous iterations. But what did they change? Pretty much everything. The biggest alteration is probably the ladder leading up to silo from T-spawn and the rafters connecting silo along with catwalk.

I’ve played a couple of games on matchmaking and so far I’ve enjoyed it. The first thing I noticed was how easy it was for the terrorists to take control over yard. There are so many angles for the counter-terrorists to cover even just a few seconds into the round. It’s still too early to dive into any sort of strategic analysis, but we found that the good ol Nuke mindset just isn’t going to cut it. We had more success when we took a more passive approach and stayed close to the bombsites with one guy trying to spot enemies on yard from far back.

Another big change is the vents. Now there’s only one opening both upstairs and downstairs. They have, however , added a new door with a decontamination room to give the defenders more angles to worry about. I think the door will be a key point on the map that both the Ts and the CTs will want to control.

They have also added another door downstairs, just below the ramp. That door allows for some really cool crossfires and gives the counter-terrorists more incentives to play close to the site. It’s hard to say how the metagame is going to develop, but overall l I think the changes to the B-site are interesting.

Changes upstairs

The upper bombsite has also seen some major changes. The biggest being the addition of skyboxes to prevent defenders from reaching dogwalk. Where to buy csgo skins This means that pushes through squeaky will be a lot more effective as there are fewer angles to check.

16 Jan

VAC is essentially futile

Members of the CS: GO community could already participate in culling the cheater population through Valve s Overwatch initiative for a few years now, csgoskins but AndroidL s accomplishments demonstrate how one can more surgically hamper hackers with only modest extra effort. The victory could very well be temporary at best devoted cheaters can simply create a fresh Steam account and spend the $15/ 11 on another CS: GO copy but from AndroidL s perspective, the self-demise of those who sought an ostensibly easy access to a hack was worth it.

The skewed view that a hacker would eventually see with AndroidL’s hack.

I think Overwatch is a very good idea, AndroidL wrote. It’s another filter cheaters have to go through, but the only reason Overwatch exists is because VAC lacks the capabilities to detect all cheaters. Although I believe VAC is a good safeguard against cheaters, I don t believe it is a strong enough safeguard. There is little to no effort involved for a hack developer to bypass VAC it is a decent system to keep away the masses of people using public cheats, but other than that VAC is essentially futile.

I do have a plan with similar tactics and I probably will do this again sometime, AndroidL continued. It would be great if I could cooperate with Valve to get a larger number of cheaters banned. Taking cheating into our own hands seems to be the only solution right now, and I encourage others that have the skills to do this to create similar fake hacks. Furthermore, I want to put off those thinking about cheating. CSGO Ak47 Skins This wasn t the first fake hack, and it definitely won t be the last.

13 Jan

This is clearly questionable

Given WESA s stated aim to professionalise communication in the industry, the question of who has been invited to participate in that process is a primary concern. CSGO M4A4 Skins There are a lot of high-profile teams already involved, but many that aren t. Most notably absent, however , are the other tournament organisers: MLG, DreamHack, FACEIT, and so on. As far as WESA s launch incarnation is concerned, ESL speaks for that entire aspect of the industry. This is clearly questionable, and the hardest thing about WESA to accept on trust.

What we said was, if we’re going to build this structure in WESA, then you’re inherently required to balance ESL’s power in that system ESL s Lampkin says. Because otherwise, as fans say, it looks like ESL’s just going to try to dominate everything. That is specifically why we built it with players and teams with so much power. Certainly ESL as an organiser love our own events, but when you bring all these other people in who counterbalance that view, you get a system that allows for us to have a proper communication structure with other organisers and with non-member teams.

The structure of WESA, Lampkin argues, prevents ESL from operating with the kind of impunity which concerned fans have suggested. Even so, there are understandable concerns about how ESL might influence the association s priorities, or take advantage of these new clearer lines of communication. To that end, Lampkin asks that people wait and see.

What it comes down to is the actions of the association he says. If all the WESA groups pull out of ELEAGUE tomorrow, then you can quickly go and say ‘hey, yeah, this was a terrible idea. ‘ The point is that if, theoretically, ESL runs into the WESA board room and says ‘we’re shutting down everything! ‘ The players say ‘no, we’re boycotting you’ and the team owners walk out from the room and the entire organisation crumbles immediately. Buy the Cheapest CSGO Skins Because it requires consensus! That’s the entire point of the system.

10 Jan

SMGs on the first gun round

The P90 is by far the best SMG when it comes to killing enemies, especially armored ones. CSGO Skins It does however cost $2350 and only gives you $300 per kill, which makes it a good choice for those rounds when your team wants to buy full but one player can t afford armor and an assault rifle. I strongly recommend that you use the $600-bonus SMGs in the second round even if you can afford something more expensive.

This topic has been widely discussed within the competitive scene. If you ve won all rounds leading up to the first gun round, the other team will go for a full buy. Should you keep your SMG or upgrade to an assault rifle? In my opinion it s often wise to stick to your SMG. Why? Because the more consecutive rounds you lose, the more money you get at the start of a new round (this caps out at $3400). The first round you lose will give you $1400, which isn t a lot.

There are two possible outcomes of the first gun round: you either win or you lose. If you win, that means you ll get $600 per kill and you won a round without investing in a new weapon. If you lose you still get $600 for every kill you get, but more importantly: the other team wins. Because you didn t buy an assault rifle you ll have more than enough to buy one following that lost round. If you manage to win that round it means the other team s economy has been reset and they ll have to force buy or eco. Where to buy csgo skins Basically, keeping your SMG going into the first gun round is a low risk, high reward gamble.

08 Jan

These gambling websites accept like pinball machine

There isn t a lot of legal precedent on virtual item gambling. Are skins money, virtual capital, or are they more like arcade tokens that these gambling websites accept like pinball machines? Buy Cheap CSGO Skins One of the few, somewhat comparable recent cases is Mason v. Machine Zone, in which a plaintiff alleged that the Casino area of Game of War, where players could bet in-game currency in order to receive rewards, constituted a gambling device, and that the $100 she lost was a result of unfair competition.

The court didn t rule in Mason s favor, going so far as to call comparing the value of in-game virtual gold and in-game rewards to the value of real money a whimsical undertaking that has no place in federal court. Because Game of War doesn t offer payouts of real-world money, Mason had transformed her money into valueless play money, the court says. [The] Plaintiff was not wagering with dollars, the decision reads, she was playing with virtual gold. Plaintiff acquired that gold in the gold store, where she exchanged her real-world currency for a nontransferable, revocable license to use virtual currency for entertainment purposes. At the moment of that antecedent transaction, Plaintiff s loss, if any, was complete: then and there she had swapped something of value (real money) for something of whimsy (pretend gold ).

There are major differences between Game of War and CS: GO, especially the presence of an open digital market operated by Valve that provides pricing information on weapon skins in real money. But one small similarity is that secondary markets do exist for selling Game of Battle accounts for real-world money, a fact that the court didn t seem to give much weight.

What she could not do is cash out of the game. In this respect, while GoW s Casino function aesthetically resembles classic games of chance, the underlying transaction is more akin to purchasing cinema or amusement park tickets. Consumers of such services pay for the pleasure of entertainment per se, not for the prospect of economic gain, the decision read.

Some of the only legal insight on the topic came in an AMA on /r/GlobalOffensive this week, where three lawyers who specialize in gaming, gambling, or esports offered their perspectives on the issues connected to CS: GO skin gambling.

“For my money, ” Bryce Blum says of the likelihood that skin gambling will be considered gambling by the law, “I think this is a no brainer because the secondary market is prominent, permitted to exist, and skins have widely known value. Where to buy csgo skins That being said, there isn’t a case directly on point here so it’s impossible to say for certain. “

05 Jan

your opponents as possible and aim for their heads

The Glock-18 isn t as accurate as the USP-s or the P2000, but it holds 20 bullets and has very little spread. Buy Cheap CSGO Skins

This means it s a really good pistol to run and gun with. What you want to do when you play the Glock-18 on pistol rounds is to get as close to your opponents as possible and aim for their heads. They are likely to be wearing body armor and the Glock-18 has the worst armor penetration of all the pistols in the game. It s often wise to have one or two players buy flashbangs and a smoke just to make it easier for you to get closer to the defending players. Just don t use Glock-18 on eco rounds unless you really need to in order to afford a full buy later on.

These two pistols are insanely accurate over great distances compared to the terrorist counterpart. As a result, you want to do the exact opposite of what the terrorists want. Your job is to make sure you can keep the fight at long distances. As long as you can do that, all you have to do is to tap slowly and aim for their heads.

The P250 is a great pistol that s very accurate at medium range. It also has a lot better armor penetration than the Glock-18, USP-s and P2000, which makes it ideal for the second round if you lose the pistol round. The exception is if you re on the terrorist side and got the plant but lost the round. In this case you shouldn t buy anything at all, and go for a full buy on the third circular instead.

In particular, Csgo skins for sale buy the P250 if you re going to defend or attack an area where you think you can get close enough to steal an SMG with a fast headshot.

03 Jan

Its way into other games like Dota 2 and Skyrim

n the two years that followed, the Steam Workshop began creeping its way into other games like Dota 2 and Skyrim, providing a unified marketplace for user-generated content and, for Valve’s games, creating a birthing ground for one of the most complex microtransaction economies in all of gaming. buy csgoskins It wasn’t until 2013 that the Workshop found its way to CS: GO for players to design and share new maps and game modes. At the time Counter-Strike was still a divided community, with many players choosing to stick with the two previous iterations Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike 1 . 6. It was only after Valve released the Arms Deal update finally letting players purchase and trade custom skins for their weapons that CS: GO transformed into the multiplayer and esports phenomenon that it is today.

In 2014, the marketplace with regard to skins was exploding with players routinely trading rare knives and gun finishes for hundreds of dollars. Artists, inspired by the wads of cash modders were making if Valve chose their designs to be sold in their games, began flooding the actual CS: GO Workshop with their ideas for the next hot skin that would have players in a frenzy but not all of those ideas were original.

On March 30, 2014, a skin and a sticker were uploaded to the workshop under the title ‘Howling Dawn’ by Steam users Auzzii and sic. The skin, which would go on to earn more than 4, 500 positive ratings, was supposedly the original work of Auzzii. In the description he wrote, “I wanted to make an intresting illustration, so I created this. It originated from a picture of my dog, it’s kind of taking the out of him in a way as he’s the complete opisite to the wolf. ”

A month later that skin as well as sticker were officially added to CS: GO as part of the Huntsman collection because of their popularity among the Workshop community. These collections would drop special cases in-game that players could purchase keys to open and also earn one of the skins contained within. csgoskins Those that were lucky opened up a case to find a flashy new M4A4 Howl.

30 Dec

Just as Cannella planted the bomb

Just as Cannella planted the bomb, Kostylev approached the window leading into bombsite B, directly above Cannella, and hurled his AWP over the wall. Where to buy csgo skins Cannella, sensing movement, turned to face the flying rifle in a moment of confusion as Kostylev came through the window a split second later and planted a few pistol rounds in Cannella’s head. The crowd went wild, the round was won, and the commentators were stunned. “What even is that? ” asked one of them immediately following the play as both struggled to comprehend s1mple’s strategy.

In CS: GO, throwing weapons isn’t uncommon. Players will sometimes hurl a pistol around corners or over walls to try and make enemy players believe it’s a flashbang, as Swag did so memorably a couple years ago. As enemies turn away to avoid the flash, players can rush and catch them off guard. But hurling an AWP is practically unheard of and certainly took Cannella by surprise. In the tight corners of bombsite B, the AWP wasn’t going to be of much use to Kostylev, so using it as a distraction does make sense but it’s still bold as hell. “That is just him styling on nitr0, ” one of the ESL’s commentators explained. “That is him just mentally breaking him, saying I’m going to utterly dominate you in this one on one. ”

And dominate s1imple did. Na’Vi would go on to secure the win over Team Liquid and eventually claim first place and a cool $125, 000 cash prize thanks in part in order to s1mple’s ability to make amazing clutch plays. Even if you don’t play CS: GO, I absolutely recommend watching some of the highlights from this weekend that can be found on the official ESL CS: GO Twitter account. S1mple also made another clutch play when he went toe-to-toe with four members of Virtus. pro using only a Desert Eagle. Csgo skins for sale The CS: GO community has also put together some amazing videos following the tournament, including this highlight reel by YouTuber ‘Virre CSGO’ which captures all of the excitement of the weekend.

28 Dec

How do these festive fowl stack up against one another in terms

Valve has dressed its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [official site] chickens up in many a festive outfit over the years, from chicken-sized Christmas jumpers to pink Easter bunny ears. CSGO Skins But how do these festive fowl stack up against one another in terms of holiday loveliness? There’s only one way to find out: an Alice and Pip chat.

Pip: Alice! It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeear. With the CS: GO chickens all wearing their knitting and I’m of good cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! It’s probably the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiiime of the year.

That said there are other wonderful times of the year if we’re talking chicken dress-up. Halloween! Easter! CS: GO’s birthday! Can we truly decide which is the *most* wonderful time of the year?

Alice: It’d take two grizzled experts with a long history of dressing up imaginary characters. Two hardened veterans committed to arguing the toss. Two people who understand that the Halloween hens wearing spooky ghost sheets are the best and if you don’t agree I WILL END THIS FRIENDSHIP RIGHT HERE.

But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

CS: GO’s chickens, to explain to this joyful audience associated with readers gathered around the base of the RPS treehouse with Santa jumpers and mugs of mulled Buckfast, are often dressed up to celebrate events. When Christmas, Halloween, the game’s birthday, and so on roll around, Valve give them lovely little costumes. But which is the actual loveliest?

Pip: It is the ghosts. BUT we should try to be objective and scientific about this so let’s rank them to make sure we haven’t made the hideous mistake.

Shall we start by deciding the least lovely (but still lovely) joyous fowl?

Alice: They ARE all nevertheless lovely. But…

Pip: Are you going to say the Santa hats/reindeer antlers flavour regarding chicken are the least good? Csgo skins for sale

25 Dec

It’s an approach to anti-cheat which ups the ante entirely

That sounds simple enough if you don’t know what’s at stake, but actually, it’s an approach to anti-cheat which ups the ante entirely: both in possible effectiveness and the sheer cost of operating it. Buy csgo skins with paypal

“The process of parsing, training, and classifying player data places serious demands on hardware, which means you want a machine other than the actual server doing the work. And because you don’t know ahead of time who might be using this kind of cheat, you’d have to monitor matches as they take place, from all ten players’ perspectives. ”

The spokesperson continued: “There are over a million CS: GO matches played every day, so to avoid falling behind you’d need a system capable of parsing and processing every demo of every match from every player’s perspective, which currently means you’d need a datacenter capable of powering thousands of CPU cores. ”

Apparently Valve has “started this work” and already has an early version of the system deployed to Overwatch – a self-regulated community dedicated to reviewing cheat reports in the game. buy csgoskins The company will “continue this work and expand the system over time”.